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Welcome to the Runes of Magic server Midea

Start your very own adventure in the world of Taborea and experience Runes of Magic chapter III “The Elder Kingdoms” the way it is supposed to be played.
With our server on chapter III you can experience the nostalgia of fighting your way through Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest and Northern Janost Forest, on the epic quest to help the human king reclaim his Kingdom.
We want you to experience the fun of Runes of Magic, so we have removed much of the tedious grind that previously blocked your journey. Instead you can focus on progressing your character and teaming up with other friendly adventurers.
Don’t have much time for progress each day? Fear not. With increased xp/tp/gold rates and custom stats, you can quickly join in on later content, without running out of challenges. If you like to slowly explore the world of Taborea and reminisce the old days, we have improved the engine so you will be interrupted by fewer crashes. Even Dalanis can be crash free!
We want you to play Runes of Magic with all that it offers. Therefore, we have made diamonds accessible via world bosses and NPC trading. To give you a little extra help, we have free gift NPC’s that can give you a daily aid.
Even the class skills have received an overhaul. Now you can challenge new combinations and develop the adventurer most suited to your playstyle to help the community prosper, we are constantly working on improving the server based on your feedback.
Our accessible GM’s are ready to help you when you experience problems and if you have suggestions for improvements, then we take note on any suggestions you might give, on the forum, Discord or ingame.
Register now, download our client and start playing Runes of Magic today!